Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Pet Symptoms That Require An Emergency Vet Visit

Just when you are walking out the door or leaving for vacation, you notice something is "off" with your pet. But, when is it an emergency? If your pet has any of these symptoms, please call your vet right away.

· Any eye trauma
· Blood in urine or stool
· Vomiting or diarrhea--more than 1 instance
· Pet is lethargic, listless
· Insect or snake bites (a small bite can cause a severe reaction)
· Sudden limping
· Swollen stomach
· Punctures and abrasions (fur can hide a much deeper wound)

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Monday, February 20, 2017

In Memory of a Dear Friend

Just devastated to learn of the passing this week of a very dear friend Stanlee Phelps. Stanlee was an inspiration to all who knew her. Stanlee had a profound impact on my life and I loved her so much. Small in stature, but large in life, Stanlee lived every day to the fullest. Through her valiant battle with both breast and ovarian cancer, Stanlee was forever the optimist, uncovering new ways every day to keep on going, keep on fighting the fight. Stanlee helped me personally and professionally. She was a great source of encouragement when I wanted to pursue my dream of working with animals. She will live forever in my heart and I will miss her terribly. Rest in peace my dear friend. It was a blessing to call such a beautiful person my friend.     

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Natural Treatments For Allergies, Scratching and Itching in Dogs


"Our Wheaten Terrier Biscuit was scratching her ears and licking herself nonstop.   We took her to the vet so many times and the medications would help temporarily but within a few weeks, she would be miserable again. We tried antihistamines but she would just sleep all day.  A friend of mine had good luck with some of your products so we thought we would give them a try.   We used the K9 Yeast Defense, AllerEaze and Power Probiotic.  You gave us some suggestions about Biscuit's diet.  We thought the expensive food we were feeding was good but I guess it was just making her worse!  We followed the diet advice and used the products and are so happy because Biscuit is like a new dog.  Thank you!!!   
Lauren and Biscuit  Los Angeles, 2017

Does Your Cat or Dog Have Any Of These Allergy Symptoms?
  • Constant itching, chewing or scratching
  • Runny eyes
  • Blackened skin from licking
  • Itchy ears and ear infections
  • Sneezing
  • Vomiting, diarrhea and intestinal flareups
  • Paw chewing/swollen paws
  • Red, inflamed skin or hot spots?
Allergies can be a challenge and pets can get into a vicious cycle of using antibiotics and steroids.  Symptoms improve on the medications then return as soon as the medications stop.  Eventually the medications lose their effect and can have harmful side effects.  To help your pet best, use a holistic approach for long-term success!

3 Steps To Help Allergies, Scratching and Itching in Dogs and Cats

1) Change Your Pet's Diet 
Pets with allergies need a low carbohydrate, hypoallergenic diet.  Pet owners can become discouraged because they may have already tried several diets.  Many prescription, "hypoallergenic" and even grain-free diets still cause pets to scratch because they are too high in carbohydrates or are hard for some pets to digest.  It's important to eliminate all potential food allergens AND keep the carbohydrates to a minimum.  AskAriel has helped thousands of pets with skin and allergy problems with much success.  If you include your dog's diet and health issues on the order form at checkout, a diet appropriate for your pet  will be included on the packing slip along with the product directions.  

2) Use Natural Remedies to Control Allergy Symptoms
Pets can feel miserable when they are itchy.  They will lick, chew and pull out their hair.  Skin problems are tricky and very allergic pets will usually have flareups every now and then.  However, you can control symptoms with diet and using a few natural supplements.

itchcat scratching2

AllerEaze + Power Probiotic ---Reduces histamine response and acts like natural "benadryl".  Power Probiotic works synergistically with AllerEaze to boost immune function and is essential if your pet has taken any antibiotics or steroids.

Proaller + Notatum--Proaller is especially helpful for environmental allergies.  Reduces itching and when combined with Notatum, can reduce odor and red spots.

K9 Yeast Defense--Some dogs with allergies can have symptoms of yeast overgrowth such as chronic ear infections, odor (even after bathing), licking at the groin, scratching the face and armpits.  K9 Yeast Defense can be used along with any of our allergy formulas to prevent chronic yeast infections.

3) Take Precautions With Environmental Triggers
Allergy season, especially ragweed growth can make your pet very itchy.  Keep itchy pets off the grass as much as possible.  Consider using an indoor air purifier.   Using a quality air purifier in the room where your pet sleeps can be very helpful.  Pets can be itchiest in the morning.  Using an air purifier can help a pet sleep much better throughout the night.  During the summer, use topical flea and tick control products as many pets are allergic to flea bites.

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Susan and Legend small 2
Pet Nutritionist Susan Blake Davis and Her Rescue Dog Legend

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Feline Stomatitis Symptoms Can Improve With The Right Diet And Supplements

Did You Know? Stomatitis is a gum disorder that can be helped by improving a cat's digestion? Feline stomatitis is an incurable, inflammatory autoimmune disorder that is treated with steroids and can result in the surgical removal of a cat's teeth. It is characterized by red inflamed gums, drooling, bad breath and a painful mouth.  But by changing a cat's diet and using a few natural remedies, cats can get better, especially if treated early. Think about it--the mouth is the start of digestion so if a kitty is allergic or intolerant of a food, the problems are going to start there. AskAriel.com has had solid results helping cats with stomatitis. To learn more, please click on this link or email us at askariel1@gmail.com

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Holistic Treatments For Mast Cell Tumors Can Help Prevent Recurrences

happy dog
What are mast cell tumors?
Mast cell tumors are among the most common tumors in dogs and are the most common form of canine skin cancer.  Skin cancer growths can be small and look like "nothing" but don't take chances with your pet's welfare as it can be cancerous.    If you notice any type of growth on your pet's skin, always bring it to the attention of your veterinarian.   Although some canine mast cell tumors are benign, most are malignant. Mast cell tumors are one of the most common tumors in dogs. They can be found on the limbs, inbetween toes and in the spleen, liver, and bone marrow. Both normal and cancerous mast cells contain chemicals that can be released into surrounding tissues. When these chemicals (particularly histamine) are released into the normal surrounding body tissues, side effects can include digestive problems (for ex: bleeding ulcers), skin rashes, shortness of breath and other symptoms. Mast cell tumors vary greatly in their size, shape, appearance and texture. The only way to definitely identify them is with a biopsy and pathology report which evaluates them based on location, grade and size. 

Conventional Veterinary Treatment of Mast Cell Tumors
Treatment for mast cell tumors almost always first involves surgically removing the entire tumor, if that is possible. It is particularly important to remove a wide margin or large area of healthy tissue (2-3 cm in each direction) around the perimeter of the tumor. Recurrence of mast cell tumors in the same area is common, however, dogs that are tumor-free after 6 months are considered unlikely to have a recurrence.   Canine mast cell tumors occur more frequently in certain breeds such as Boxers, Boston Terriers, English Bulldogs and Weimaraners.

Holistic Supplements And Diet Changes Can Help Prevent Recurrences
In addition to conventional care provided by your veterinarian, natural holistic care and supplements can help improve your dog's long-term health and reduce recurrences.  Ask Ariel has extensive experience helping dogs with mast cell tumors using hypoallergenic, low-carbohydrate diets and natural supplements. The supplements most important for treating mast cell tumors  include: AllerEaze + Power Probiotic, Immune Harmony , Amazing Omegas for Pets and Resveratrol For Dogs.   AllerEaze reduces the histamine response and acts like nature's "antihistamine".  Amazing Omegas reduces inflammation and is also helpful for controlling allergic response.  Immune Harmony and Resveratrol for Dogs provide important antioxidants to help prevent free radical damage.   

Your Pet's Diet and Mast Cell Tumors (MCTs) 
It's important to feed your dog an anti-inflammatory dietStarchy carbohydrates, especially grains can provide "fuel" for cancer so it is important to keep them at an absolute minimum.  Similarly, certain proteins such as beef and poultry are known allergens and pets with MCTs may be especially sensitive to them.  While food allergy testing isn't especially reliable due to the possibility of false negative responses (e.g. if a dog has avoided a food he may not show an allergic response), they still provide some valuable information.  Knowing which foods elicit a positive response can at least guide you to avoid these foods.  Feeding a raw frozen hypoallergenic diet can be very helpful for most pets with allergies as they are rich in nutrients and low in carbohydrates.   Ask Ariel has helped clients achieve exceptional results with mast cell tumors using the appropriate diet and a few supplements so be sure to include what you are feeding your dog on the order form at checkout. Ask Ariel will review your pet's information and include a free diet suggestion on the packing slip that comes with your order. 

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Sending a Smile To Everyone

Sending everyone a smile!  We can all certainly use it. And don't forget to give your pet a big hug too!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Don't Forget to Love the Abandoned Animals That Need Our Help

On Valentine's Day and every day, please remember the abandoned cats and dogs that need our help. They need our love and attention right now.  Many thanks to all of the wonderful rescuers who tirelessly go to the kill shelters to pull these animals out and all of the kind pet owners who adopt them. If you can't adopt, please consider fostering, volunteering or making a donation. #rescuedog #animalshelter #rescuecat #fosterdog #fostercat